It’s not that uncommon to lose teeth due to a variety of reasons, including your genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, gum disease, neglect, etc. However common it may be, losing your permanent teeth can be a worrisome experience. You may worry about being judged for gaps in your teeth. You may have problems with biting, chewing and even digesting food.

Thankfully, modern dental technology provides a variety of great options to help you replace missing or damaged teeth. At Matus Family Dentistry we want to provide you with the best information, a wide array of choices and the latest available technology. When you come in for a consultation we’ll help you determine which type of denture is best for you, whether it’s partial, full, fixed or implant.

Partial Dentures

We recommend partial dentures to our patients who have lost anywhere from four to eight teeth. If you’ve lost less than that, you may want to consider dental implants. And, if you’ve lost more than eight, we may recommend full dentures. Partial dentures replace missing teeth and help provide greater stability during biting and chewing.

Full Dentures

If most or all of your teeth are missing or damaged, we may recommend that you choose full dentures. If you choose this option, your remaining teeth will be pulled and we will generally suggest an implant denture. This means that we will replace the most important teeth with dental implants. Finally, the dentures will be affixed to the implants. This typically results in a natural-looking, full set of teeth, and a beautiful smile.

Fixed Dentures

In contrast to implant dentures, fixed dentures don’t have to be removed to be cleaned. Essentially, you clean them the way you clean your teeth. These fixed dentures are sleek and strong and provide a great solution for many of our patients.

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If your missing teeth are causing you problems—either with your speech, your chewing and biting, or your confidence, we’d like to help out. Denture options can be a life-saver and bring back the ease and comfort you’ve been missing. Give us a call today for a restorative dentistry consultation and let’s get the right pair of dentures for you.